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Car safety technology featuring ABS unit module control box with pipes of car brake system.

Car Technologies That Prevent Accidents

Car accidents happen for different reasons. It could be due to human error, the car itself, or the environment. That’s why you can’t completely avoid them. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and drive your car.

Car manufacturers and researchers have always been looking for ways to make the car riding and driving experience safer for all. They have developed various technologies for such purposes. Can you name some? You may already be using them without knowing them.

Let’s talk more about those car technologies and how they help prevent car accidents.

Auto Emergency Braking

The ABS or anti-lock braking system has been one of the earliest technologies that help prevent accidents. With it, vehicles could still be steered safely even if you are stepping hard on the brakes.

During 2000, it became mandatory for vehicles to have such technology. However, this technology won’t work if the driver doesn’t physically hit the brakes in the first place.

The good news is that the car technologies are updated. The ABS is now updated as the AEB or the Auto Emergency Braking system. This is a computer-controlled technology and is quite similar to cruise control due to the use of a radar system. It can calculate your distance from the other vehicles. In that way, it can automatically activate the brakes even before you react to them.

Blind Spot Warning

Blind spots are also a common cause of car accidents, especially for huge vehicles. The BSW system can detect if a car is in your blind spot. It can then send either visual or audio alerts to let you know that it is not safe to switch lanes. Additionally, it is also useful in giving you warnings when you need to turn and you activate your light signal.

Electronic Stability Control

There’s a reason why drifting is impressive. It shows that a driver knows how to control the vehicle even when it is sliding. However, not all drivers know how to do that. It is a skill that is practiced to be perfected and even those who know how to do it could still do it wrong.

With the ESC, sliding of the car due to abruptly using the brakes or oversteering is avoided.

Lane Departure Warning System

This system gives you an alert in case it detects that you are already out of your lane. Additionally, it could also try to get you back to your lane. This system works by using cameras to detect the lane markings.

Cross-Traffic Alerts

This system is able to detect traffic that comes from the side of the vehicle. These are located at both the front and back. They are quite useful when you are trying to backup. They also work well at intersections. There will be a sound alarm in case there is an object that is detected but is unseen by your rear camera.

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