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Out Of Fuel? Here’s What To Do

What type of vehicle do you drive? Do you have an electric vehicle, a hybrid, or the traditional gas-powered vehicle? Although there are lots of options nowadays, gas-powered vehicles still dominate the market, and running out of gas while on the road still continues to be a common problem for drivers.

Running out of gas in the middle of the road can be avoided if you just take note of how much you have. However, sometimes we overlook the gas meter or overestimate what’s left in the gas tank. If you are driving in the middle of the road and are already running out of gas, here’s what you should do.

Identify Your Location

As your car starts to stop, you should be already pulling over safely to the side of the road. Once there, you can figure out where you are exactly. Some cars are equipped with navigation systems, but you can also use your smartphone to know exactly where you are. From there, you can figure out where the nearest gas station is. You may be able to get there before your car completely runs out of gas.

Some decide to simply walk out to the gas station when it is just around the corner and when you are entirely sure that it is safe. Otherwise, it is best to just call for help.

Turn The AC Off

When you notice that you are about to run out of gas, switch off the AC right away. This helps relieve the engine of the additional load, which in turn will save you some fuel so you can get to safety. This can also be done to prevent your car from overheating.

Close Your Windows

We are not trying to suffocate you here. Yes, we just told you to close the AC to save on fuel. Closing the windows will further help to reduce drag and resistance. That can greatly help you better reach the gas station instead of having to push your car just because you wasted the fuel on comfort.

Maintain Slow Speed

The optimal speed for vehicles to be as fuel-efficient is at about 35-45 mph. Start slowing down if you have already noticed that your vehicle is losing fuel already. It can be tempting to speed up to reach the gas station but remember that you are running out of fuel here and not time. The faster you drive, the faster the fuel is burned and the more likely you are to be stuck on the road.

Turn Off Other Accessories

Is your radio on? Do you have a car diffuser running or is your phone charging? Switch all accessories off no matter how big or small they are. It can save you power that the engine could better use to get you nearer to the gas station.

Switch To Neutral When On A Downhill

If you are lucky enough to be going downhill, you can give your engine a little break by switching to neutral.  The ar will still move and get you somewhere with a little help from gravity. This can also help you save on fuel.

Running out of fuel out in the middle of the road with the nearest gas station that’s too far to walk is never a good experience. Don’t risk walking far and then back again. Simply call Agile Towing Company for their fuel delivery services

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