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Yes, EVs Do Need Roadside Services and Here’s Why

When it comes to the modern marvels of the automotive industry, electric vehicles (EVs) are at the forefront of innovation and sustainability. They’re quiet, efficient, and offer a driving experience that many find superior to that of traditional internal combustion engines. However, the advanced technology of EVs doesn’t render them immune to the trials and tribulations of the road.

For EV owners in and around Cary, NC, understanding why roadside assistance is a crucial service is key. Agile Towing Company, your trusted local towing service at 919-276-5900, is here to ensure that you’re never left stranded.

Here’s the most commons reasons we see calls come in for service, and why even the most state-of-the-art EVs should have backup support.

Unpredictable Battery Life

EVs are extraordinarily reliable cars. Most of the roadside assistance service calls we see are related to the battery itself.

While the range of EVs is continually improving, battery life can still be unpredictable. Factors such as extreme temperatures, age, and driving habits can impact how far you can travel on a single charge. Imagine you’re enjoying a scenic drive along the outer reaches of Cary, only to find your EV’s battery depleting faster than anticipated.

Navigating the Variables of EV Battery Range

Electric vehicles (EVs) have surged in popularity, promising a cleaner, more efficient mode of transportation. However, one of the challenges that EV owners face is the variability of battery range.

Several factors can significantly influence how far you can drive on a single charge, leading to what some call “range anxiety.” Understanding these variables can help EV owners better manage their vehicle’s battery life.

The Impact of Temperature Extremes

Temperature plays a crucial role in battery performance. Both chilly winter frosts and scorching summer heat can take a toll on an EV’s range. Cold temperatures increase the internal resistance of the battery, necessitating more energy to perform efficiently, while heat can lead to overheating and degradation of battery health.

Studies have illustrated that an EV’s range can drop by over 40% in cold weather, primarily due to the dual factors of decreased battery efficiency and the additional power required for heating the cabin.

The Inevitability of Battery Aging

As with all technology, EV batteries are not immune to the sands of time. Every charge cycle gently erodes the battery’s maximum capacity, meaning that, over the years, the distance an EV can travel on a full charge will reduce. It’s estimated that EV batteries could lose about 2.3% of their capacity annually, although this figure can vary based on usage patterns and battery technology.

Driving Behavior: A Key Player

The way an EV is driven can also dramatically affect battery range. Heavy-footed acceleration and high-speed cruising consume a lot more energy than measured, consistent driving.

Employing regenerative braking, maintaining a steady pace, and minimizing sudden accelerations are all strategies that can help extend the life of the battery on the road.

Adaptive Strategies for EV Owners

To mitigate these variables, EV owners can adopt several strategies:

  • Precondition the Battery: Many EVs allow for preconditioning, which optimizes the battery temperature before driving, especially in extreme weather conditions.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping the EV in good shape, including proper tire inflation and regular battery check-ups, can help maintain optimal range.
  • Plan Ahead: Utilizing route planning apps that account for charging station locations, terrain, and driving habits can help you manage long trips more effectively.
  • Upgrade Charging Infrastructure: Installing a home charging station that can efficiently charge the battery overnight prepares the vehicle for daily use.

By understanding and adapting to these factors, EV owners can enjoy the benefits of electric driving while minimizing the inconveniences posed by fluctuating battery life.

As the industry evolves, advances in battery technology and infrastructure are expected to make managing EV battery range more straightforward, further solidifying the role of electric vehicles in our sustainable transportation future.

Tire Troubles

A flat tire can happen to anyone, regardless of their vehicle type. EVs are no exception. In fact, due to their heavier weight from battery packs, they can be even more susceptible to tire wear and damage. If you find yourself with a puncture, having a roadside assistance service like Agile Towing Company means you’ll have professional help – equipped to deal with the unique needs of EVs – to get you back on the road swiftly and safely.

Accidents and Collisions

Modern EVs come packed with safety features designed to protect you on the road. However, accidents can and do happen. In the event of an unfortunate collision, having a reliable towing service is critical. Agile Towing Company is experienced in handling EVs with the care they need, ensuring they are transported without further damage.

Electronic Glitches

The technology in EVs, while impressive, is not infallible. Software glitches can occur, leaving drivers in a bind. Sometimes, these glitches can be resolved with a simple reset, but other times the vehicle may need to be towed to a qualified technician for a more thorough diagnosis and repair.

Agile Towing Company understands the complexity of these vehicles and offers the right solution for such high-tech hiccups.

Home Charging Station Failures

Many EV owners rely on home charging stations for their daily needs. But what happens when your home charger fails, or there’s a power outage? You may need to get your vehicle to a public charging station, but without enough charge to make it there, you’re stuck.

That’s when a call to Agile Towing Company can save the day, providing a tow to the nearest charging facility.

Long-Distance Travel

EV infrastructure is expanding, but there are still areas where charging stations are sparse. For those adventurous EV owners who love long-distance travel, this can pose a challenge.

Running out of power on a remote highway doesn’t have to be a nightmare scenario, as Agile Towing Company offers peace of mind, ready to assist whenever and wherever you are.


Just like traditional cars, it’s possible to lock yourself out of an EV. The complex electronic lock systems in these vehicles often require professional tools and knowledge to safely unlock without damaging the sophisticated systems. Roadside assistance from experts at Agile Towing Company ensures that you’re never left outside of your vehicle for long.

Emergency Services

In the event of an emergency, whether it’s due to a medical issue, safety concern, or mechanical failure, having a reliable roadside assistance service is invaluable.

The prompt and professional response from Agile Towing Company can make all the difference in critical situations.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the most compelling reason for EV owners to have reliable roadside assistance is the peace of mind it brings. Knowing that help is just a phone call away at 919-276-5900 can alleviate the anxiety of dealing with unexpected issues on your own.

In conclusion, the reality is that no matter how advanced EVs become, they are not exempt from the realities of the road. Agile Towing Company in Cary, NC, understands the unique needs of EV owners and is dedicated to providing top-notch roadside assistance whenever it’s needed. Don’t wait until you’re in a tough spot; ensure you have the support you need with Agile Towing Company. Remember, even in an electric future, it pays to have a helping hand ready to charge to your rescue.

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