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Towing a trailer on the highway.

Limitations Of Towing With A Dolly

When it comes to towing cars, there are a few ways on how to do that. One of them is to use a tow dolly. A tow dolly is a two-wheeled trailer that lifts the two wheels of the car off the ground. Wheel lift towing is a great way to transport a vehicle from one location to another.

Compared to other towing methods like flatbed towing, it is also more affordable. However, although they work for most cases, there are also some limitations to this mode of towing. We’ll discuss those below…

Weight Restriction

As compared to flatbeds, towing dollies can’t carry as much weight as they could. There is usually a limit of about 3,450 lbs. That’s why larger vehicles can’t be safely towed with a dolly. Although you can try, you would risk damaging the dolly and also the car being towed.

Ground Clearance

Tow dollies can be used in a variety of vehicles. However, those that have a low profile, long on the front, have ground effects or any other component that can be dragged while being towed are at risk of getting damaged. The tow dolly only lifts a part of the vehicle, leaving the rest at an angle. It’s possible to damage the bumpers, deep transmission pans, or undercarriage parts of some vehicles.

Backing Up

Unlike flatbeds, the tow dollies are more difficult to maneuver. With a flatbed that lifts all the wheels off the ground, it would be easier to back up when you need to. However, backing up is almost impossible with a tow dolly. Backing up could be required to properly position the towed car in its proper place.

Tire Wear And Tear

With a tow dolly, you drag a car on its two wheels. Those two wheels that are left on the ground could receive more wear and tear as compared to those that are lifted. As compared to driving the car, there is more wear and tear on those two wheels when it is towed because more weight is being placed on them. That is also the reason why wheel lift towing should only be done when the distance is only a short one.

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