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Need Your Car Battery Replaced? Here Are The Signs To Watch Out For

As a car owner, there are many things that you need to check and maintain about your vehicle. Did you do the oil changes? Have you replaced your tires? How about your filters? Then there’s also the car battery.

Most of the time, the car battery is the last thing on the car owner’s mind. Why? Well because it is built to last. However, that doesn’t mean that it will last throughout the life of your car. Like other components, it will eventually need to be replaced.

Batteries aren’t cheap so we understand if you don’t want to replace them prematurely. However, when their time is up, their time is up! You really need to replace them or risk having a non-functional battery somewhere and needing a towing service. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

Trouble Starting Your Car

Are you having trouble starting your car often? Although it is possible to have trouble starting your vehicle from time to time, it shouldn’t happen all the time. Even in cold temperatures, when your battery is less effective, a healthy one should still be able to start your car and get it running.

Although difficulty in starting your car could be a sign to replace the car battery, there are also some instances when the battery isn’t the cause of the problem. It could also be the starter. In order to make sure that you really need to replace the battery, consider having a battery health test from your local auto shop.

Electrical Issues

The battery provides electricity that powers up various electronics in your vehicle. If you are having problems with them, it is possible that you need your car battery replaced. Due to age, the capacity of your car battery to charge and transmit electricity also diminishes.

With older batteries that need replacement, you’d observe that the headlights might appear dimmer. However, before concluding that the battery needs to be replaced, first check your headlights. They may just be cloudy or busted.

Flickering lights and the check engine light may also be present along with electrical issues. Whenever your check engine light is on, it is best to bring your car to the mechanic for inspection to pinpoint the cause. It may or may not be the car batteries but it is best to have them check.

Corrosion And Buildup

Instead of waiting for the signs to come to you, it would be better for you to check your car battery. Pop that hood open and take a look at your battery itself. Its appearance can tell you a lot.

Take a look at the battery terminals. It is possible that there is a buildup in them. That crusty buildup could appear yellow or bluish in color. Either way, it isn’t just an unsightly scene, it also adds resistance. Thereby making your system less efficient due to the reduced voltage.

You may need to replace the battery at this time to prevent unexpected car issues or you could first try to remove all that buildup and corrosion.

That buildup is caused by leaking acid and it may be removed for now but it will continue to build up again over time. That will also continue to degrade the battery so don’t wait until you can’t use your car battery anymore before replacing it.

Nasty Odor

Ever smelled rotten eggs? That’s the scent that you should watch out for when trying to figure out if your car battery needs replacement. The rotten egg scent is due to the emitted hydrogen sulphide and other sulfurous chemicals.A healthy battery shouldn’t emit those. These don’t only corrode the battery terminals but the other engine parts as well.

Disfigured Battery

It is always a great idea to do a visual inspection of your battery. One of the most obvious signs that you need to replace it if it is already disfigured. This can be due to extreme temperatures. Older batteries are more prone to be disfigured. How does a disfigured battery look like? Well check the sides, make sure they aren’t swollen. It should be rectangular in shape too.

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